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"Were our signs say it all"
Get more EXPOSURE to your property
when you use our system that gives
information about your listing via
Talk - Text - Web
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Monday March 27 2017
You can place a free ad.
You can use our Talk, Text and Web service for only $12.00 per year.
Then choose one of the signs shown to get more exposure from passers-by.
You can place a free
listing on our site.
Just sign up and then
place your listing.
The catch!
A limited amount of data can be entered about your property but our talk, text service is not available.
18" x 24" corrugated
standard sign shown.
Sale Rent
Includes wire H-Stand $9.95
6" x 24" corrugated
Rider sign shown.
Talking sign
Buy our service and attach this
to your existing stand or sign.

Business Owners

Offer discounts on your
products or services
to our website visitors.

Sign up to today!
Please note: Our service is needed for the Talk and Text service to operate. Shipped sign may not be like the ones shown above and are not -refundable.

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