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For Sale By Owners, Realtors, Landlords, Auctioneers
Let us assist in advertising your property.
All of our ads are reusable, so when you sell, lease or rent a property, simply update the web site
with the new property information. If you have one of our signs, then just move it to the new location.
Free Ad
You can place FREE ads just by signing up. (Limited data can be added.)
How our Talking Sign and system works for you 24/7.
Talking Sign System
and Basic Listing
$4.00 Monthly
No hidden fees.

Purchase our full detail listing that allows callers hear your property info, get a text back and view it online all for a low monthly cost.

Our system can also notify potential buyers if the property is in Foreclosure, has an upcoming Auction or Open House.

Enhance your property listing with our sign products.
Sale or Remt

Available as

18" x 24"
sign shown

This product works great for the For-Sale-By-Owner
Using a plain old sign won't expose your property like we can.
Our sign displays a textable & callable phone number and
the DIRECT ID number of your listing that lets people get your property information through talk, text and web.

Only $9.95*

Talking phone system sold separately. See above.

6" x 24" Rider Talking Sign
We add the Direct ID number that identifies
your listing on our web site.
This product works great for the Realtors or if you have purchased a store bought sign.
6" x 24" Talking Rider Sign
Allows passers-by to get instant access to your
property information through talk, text and web.
Sign Cost $5.00*
Click to read more of the benefits of using a talking sign.
Talking phone system sold separately. See above.
*Shipping extra and determined at the time of ordering
Additional Services
Auto mail
Register to get automatic emails sent to you of property types that match your criteria.
This is a FREE feature. Read more here.
QR Code
Add a QR Code by using your own printer and printing onto waterproof vinyl.
(Waterproof vinyl sold separately through independent retailers) Read more.
Single Property Web site
Web Site Design
Custom Web Site - Incredible Hosting fee of only $139.00 per year!
Custom web sites available. A consultation is necessary prior to a quote.
Participating Business Ads
Business Owners.
Offer discounts on your products or services to our web site visitors.
Read more here.
Banner Ads
Place your banner with us for only $5.00 per MONTH.
Banner ads are displayed on all of our partner web site and on multiple web pages.
NO PER CLICK FEES. Click here to read more
Mortgage Calculator
Try our FREE mortgage calculator with amortization table. Try it here.
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